On October 31st, I shall wake up in Montevideo and go to sleep in Buenos Aires, which is to say away from my children; and I regret it keenly. So we bought pumpkins early and carved ’em today; maybe the pictures will help get you in the mood.

Four-year-old girl’s jack-o-lantern
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Eleven-year-old boy’s jack-o-lantern

The jack-o-lantern above is for and somewhat by my four-year-old daughter. Her instructions were approximate: “Big teeth!” But she seems to like my interpretation.

The lower offering is from my 11-year-old son, who had selected his pumpkin by a simple metric: Largest he could carry. His first instinct was to search Google for interesting designs, which I thought deeply wrong. So I convinced him that this was an opportunity for creativity, and he executed four pencil-on-paper designs, of which this was the least conventional and also best. It’s not that structurally sound but hey, this is short-lifespan maximal-effect engineering. He even did quite a bit of the pumpkin-guts-shoveling and face-carving. If you have a decent set of kitchen knives what you want is the one called a boning knife.

This is the awesome Canon S90 at work, and you might want to enlarge that second photo; why was it again that I need an SLR for low-light photography?

I’m wondering what they do in Buenos Aires on All Hallows’ Eve.


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From: Sterling (Oct 24 2010, at 01:26)

I feel for you, man... one week from now I'll be on my way back from DroidCon London. Still not sure if we're going to do pumpkins this year, but I thought you'd appreciate last year's effort: http://terratime.net/halloween.html


From: Leandro López (Oct 25 2010, at 10:06)

Great news that you're coming to South America. I'll be attending your lecture in RubyConf Uruguay, but I'll be missing your lecture in Buenos Aires.

Regarding Halloween, in Argentina we don't celebrate it, as it is not part of our culture, however in the last couple of years in Buenos Aires I've seen some people wearing costumes, but those are the less, and quite frankly, it is not very well seen.

But I'm sure you might be able to find some place where to spend it like you're used to :)

I hope this answer serves you, goodbye, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Uruguay!


From: Pies (Oct 26 2010, at 06:52)

The second one is beyond awesome.


From: Macarse (Oct 29 2010, at 15:40)

We don't actually celebrate halloween at Argentina.

But it's my bday so it's fine :)


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