Being a sunlit rain-forest interior from somewhere on the north slope of Keats Island.

Sunlit rain forest interior

If you have a big screen, I really recommend blowing this one up.

I’ve been trying to take this picture for a long time; there’s a particular quality of light you get in the rain forest when the sun is strong and at just the right angle, and it’s early summer so the moss is flourishing. I’ve pointed cameras at dozens of scenes like this over the years but the pictures are usually boring, failing to capture what it is that makes my eyes so happy and leads me out on this kind of walk.

No, this isn’t old-growth; this island was logged 100 years back. Give it another couple of centuries and it’ll be impressive again.


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From: Tomas Pospisek (Jul 09 2010, at 11:00)

I am thinking the resolution of the image would need to be higher? The impressivness of the picture doesn't seem to get accross at 1024px × 638px. Looking at it I would want more and sharper details?


From: Preston L. Bannister (Jul 09 2010, at 11:05)

Image is a bit small to blow up (1024x600-odd) - maybe I'm just too picky about big/fuzzy images. My current desktop / summer image favorite:


From: Mike (Jul 15 2010, at 02:16)

This is a case where a tripod with two or three or four bracketed (by shutter speed, not F stop) exposures and some HDR software can capture what your eyes see.

The camera cannot capture in a single exposure the shadows and the highlights in a scene like this.

HDR software is mostly known for gothic sci-fi looks, but it can be used subtly to make scenes like this forest scene closer to what the eye sees.


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