We’re now four days into the unique insights on World Cup 2010 only available from those with a good basis in Web and Mobile technology.

I didn’t watch Netherlands-Denmark nor will I watch any further games that require me to get up at 4AM; there are limits to fandom.

Japan 1 Cameroon 0 · I wanted to be a Cameroon fan on the principle that fluid attacking soccer in the African style is something to be encouraged. But I was left cold; even the mighty Eto’o seemed a little lead-footed. Unless Cameroon has a reservoir of so-far-unrevealed brilliance, I don’t see them making it out of the group.

As for Japan, their goal was well-earned, their conditioning obviously better than the opposition’s, and their defence well-schooled. Not terribly exciting to watch aside from Matsui’s runs up the side, but I’ll be unsurprised if they move on.

Italy 1 Paraguay 1 · I sort-of watched this in on my computer via the excellent cbcsports.ca feed, but work was intense and held most of my attention. On the occasions where I did tune in for a few minutes, I saw the Italian attack running aground in the rain on the sharp-edged rocks of the Paraguayan defense. Even though I’m generally negative about defensive soccer, it was quite a show.

And the Paraguayan goal, which I did happen to see, was a lightning strike, perfectly staged and entirely impossible to parry. It wasn’t a defensive lapse, Alcaraz just out-worked and out-jumped the Italian defenders. One or two of those per game, plus strong defense, is plenty enough to get not just out of Group F but well into the serious part of the tournament.

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