I’m here at Google I/O doing micro-interviews with random people, strangers and friends. I’ll post a random assortment.

I don’t know this gentleman. «Worried about rampant ignorance»

I ask three questions: Who are you, what are you looking forward to, and what are you worried about?

It’s hard to find anything to disagree with in what he says.


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From: Paul Morriss (May 20 2010, at 02:08)

The "rampant ignorance..." line doesn't show up in Google Reader's view of your feed.

Good questions for random interviewees!


From: Jacek Kopecky (May 20 2010, at 02:28)

Tim, the summaries in your atom feed don't contain any hint that the entry contains video (or a link to video). Some of your feed-reading audience could be losing out.


From: Robert Hahn (May 20 2010, at 05:12)

Hmm, couldn't hear anything he said over the background noise; can anyone help out by transcribing what he said?


From: g (May 21 2010, at 15:04)

He said:

"I'm Stig H[somethingorother]. I'm looking forward to a world that works, and I'm worried about rampant ignorance running amuk."


From: Michael R. Bernstein (May 24 2010, at 05:23)

That's Stig Hackvan: http://hackvan.com/


From: Beth (May 24 2010, at 08:56)

I am hearing impaired. Thank you g for transcribing the video!


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