There’s this great big huge display case here at Google I/O just full of Android devices.

I couldn’t resist a slow walk past it. «Device Display Case»


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From: Tor (May 19 2010, at 22:33)

Too bad so few of them are available throughout the world.


From: Paul (May 19 2010, at 23:50)

How many of them are stuck on pre 2.1 firmware?


From: Paul M. Watson (May 20 2010, at 05:59)

Very cool yet at the same time you look at Apple's device strategy and wonder which you'd rather be a part of. Of all the Android powered phones very few rise above the dross we had before iPhone and Android. Lots of feature, lots of specs, lots of dingly dangly bits, a dozen different plans and combinations and choice, choice, choice... I just want a mobile computing device with voice and solid app support.

Still, Android *is* a success and will only get better (if you choose your Android device well.)


From: Edwin Crump (May 20 2010, at 19:54)

Now if only the best of those were available worldwide..


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