We’ve been having one, just as the garden’s citizens have been in maximum-reproductive-frenzy mode, which I’m afraid leads to horrid overindulgence in photographic cliché. But they sure are pretty.

Wet orange tulip
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Wet salmon tulip

These are both tulips, and I would swear on my mother’s grave that I didn’t crank the saturation or the contrast or anything, they really looked like that. Except for, Mom’s doing just fine thank you and was probably busy in her own garden today. OK, I did a bit of highlight-recovery on the salmon-colored one.


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From: madhu (Apr 27 2010, at 01:41)

The flowers are very nice :)


From: John Hart (Apr 27 2010, at 14:49)

It was a great weekend for gardening here in Seattle as well. Finished planting a small chunk of the yard that's been fallow since a garage conversion two years ago, and installed drip irrigation (yay!). I've always been a hater when it comes to the "For Dummies" books, but "Drip Irrigation for Dummies" (a kit, not a book) was a welcome sight amidst the confusing enormity of Home Depot.


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