There’s an offical definition; on the radio someone says “Spring begins Wednesday at 3:18PM” or some such. For me, it’s the first day I can go out in the yard with the kids after supper and shoot flowers while they hit balls and squabble over sideline calls.

Three tulips:

Three tulips

Tulips are nice, but the word “honeysuckle” warms the heart even though those flowers won’t be with us for a good long while; in the interim here are some of its leaves, the sun behind them.

Backlit honeysuckle leaves.

Things are definitely looking up.


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From: Reto Meier (Apr 16 2010, at 02:56)

I think this confirms it. In order to part of the Android team you *must* be an avid amateur photographer.

Welcome to the team Tim!


From: John Dougan (Apr 16 2010, at 13:13) Vancouver the first day of Spring is the first day that the seawall around Stanley park is packed with people walking, running, biking, etc.


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