Assignment for Dailyshoot 133 on 2010/03/28: “Sunday Challenge: Backlighting in a scene can create drama. Make a photo with interesting placement of backlit subjects.”

Where the Roads Cross

Somewhere in Edinburgh, off toward Holyrood. Actually taken on Saturday if you want to be pedantic, but I spent all day Sunday on an airplane.


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From: Stephen Mackenzie (Apr 19 2010, at 03:00)

That would be the Cowgate, looking east towards South Bridge. I used to live in the modern flats on the left when I was a student.


From: Bryce Kerley (Apr 19 2010, at 08:09)

Nice picture! We were wondering why you were taking so long outside :)


From: Martin (Apr 21 2010, at 06:31)

Ha! I used to live in that block on the left too as an Edinburgh student. Thanks for the blast from the past.


From: ASOT (Apr 24 2010, at 07:29)

Wow, great photograph! I love how the blue in the buildings contrast with the rest in the picture.


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