It’s like this: You’re out in the yard, raking up the leaves that you didn’t get to last fall, piling ’em into the big yard-waste bin, and the 3½-year-old is wandering around pretending to help. Pretty soon the bin will be looking full while there are still lots of dead leaves that need to go in. Here’s what you do: You hoist the child up in the air and announce “You’re a squisher! Straight legs!” Then use the kid like a pile-driver to make room in the bin. Up-down up-down; the leaves compact amazingly and the child is squealing with glee. The only downside is that for the rest of the day, you’ll be hearing “Leaves need squishing again, Daddy?” approximately every 45 seconds.


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From: Hanan Cohen (Jan 20 2010, at 21:25)

Compacting cotton after the harvest was once done by jumping on it, as can be seen in this image.

I did it as a child who grew up in a Kibbutz.


From: Dave (Jan 21 2010, at 09:43)

Ah yes...

The only other problem I see is your aching biceps the next morning after using a 25lb. pile driver 85 times in one afternoon!


From: Ross Brown (Jan 24 2010, at 04:29)

Using kids as unpaid labour. There's nothing like it. :-)

Frankly, I firmly-believe we should still be sending them down mines and up chimneys. Spongers the lot of 'em. ;-)


From: steltenpower (Jan 27 2010, at 06:50)

few-year old friend on the phone "have much paper?" for similar reasons.


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