Week ending Sunday 2010/01/10

Monday 11:17 · Hey man, smell my WebFinger. Smells like win, to me: bitworking.org/news/2010/01/webfinger [Original.]

Monday 11:46 · WS-REST, www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/04/WS-REST (not that there's anything wrong with hypertext casuistry). [Original.]

Monday 11:50 · @stshank Well, for very large values of "small". [Original, responding to @stshank.]

Monday 11:52 · @samj Nope, conneg would be a distraction. [Original, responding to @samj.]

Monday 12:25 · @BartSchuller The network is the editor. Thanks. [Original, responding to @BartSchuller.]

Monday 16:05 · View from the top. Really the top. www.straight.com/article-279556/vancouver/view-worlds-tallest-building [Original.]

Monday 16:16 · The Wikipedia pages on IBM and IBM GS are love letters. This is gross. Nothing against IBM, but jeepers. [Original.]

Monday 17:34 · Hey @nelson, re pre-columbianism: I recommend "The True History of the Conquest of New Spain" by Bernal Diaz del Castillo. [Original.]

Monday 19:09 · @br3nda It's OK, they forget the pain from the branding iron in only a few weeks. [Original, responding to @br3nda.]

Monday 19:10 · @br3nda Oh, sorry, misunderstood. But still, can't understand the craze for 2009 Gucci babies, more a Vuitton guy myself. [Original, responding to @br3nda.]

Monday 19:35 · About Android surging: I'd say "I hate to say" but I don't: arstechnica.com/apple/news/2010/01/android-closing-in-on-iphone-in-user-interest-satisfaction.ars [Original.]

Monday 21:20 · Joined first ever Facebook group: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=260348091419 Tories seriously up my nose. [Original.]

Monday 22:45 · TripIt has an API. Seems straightforward: groups.google.com/group/api_tripit/web/tripit-api-documentation---v1 Ugly: delete via GET, XSD, form-encoded XML. Still, nice & open. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:02 · @pkeane If you replicate the protocol don't try to replicate the format; there've been a couple of attempts to JSON-ify Atom; hideous. [Original, responding to @pkeane.]

Tuesday 10:04 · Yow, 113 different "Social Media policies". I wonder if the one I wrote for Sun was the first? socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php [Original.]

Tuesday 10:08 · "Better systems at less cost in less time at lower risk then we see in the Enterprise": www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/02/Doing-It-Wrong [Original.]

Tuesday 11:05 · Not sure @dangillmor, I had a look, but found @diveintomark's twitter reporting much more useful. Just the facts, Ma'am. [Original, responding to @dangillmor.]

Tuesday 11:27 · @ojmason Oops, thanks. The Network Is The Editor. [Original, responding to @ojmason.]

Tuesday 13:18 · @alex77 Follow some of the links from my piece. Tons of data. Also, get any COO drunk & you'll hear. [Original, responding to @alex77.]

Tuesday 13:30 · @blaine URI if only because there's no actual spec for url any more. What language? [Original, responding to @blaine.]

Tuesday 14:47 · Hmm... Akka, looks good. akkasource.org/ [Original.]

Tuesday 17:10 · Watching world junior hockey championship game, Canada vs. US. Expecting to be entertained. [Original.]

Tuesday 17:32 · US & Canada juniors are putting on quite a show.. if it's on your network you might want to take it in. 2-2 in the 1st period. [Original.]

Tuesday 18:37 · John Lennon is weeping in his grave over those fuck-awful Blackberry "All You Need Is Love" commercials. There is no excuse. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:43 · That's OK, Americans deserve to win one every few years; also our goaltending was nowhere near world-champ level. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:10 · @jimParkinson Yeah, and that winning goal was a total laser of a shot. Plus, that 17-yr-old US goalie has the stuff. [Original, responding to @jimParkinson.]

Wednesday 10:53 · Interesting tweetstream from AT&T developer summit: Palm, Android, etc news: @mobilejam [Original.]

Wednesday 11:14 · Surprised that more #nexus1 coverage didn't focus on HTC. A really interesting company right now: www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/12/android-htc-profile/ I'm a fan. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:16 · Only a matter of time till @jobsworth freaks out from boredom and gets arrested for organizing a singalong or something on that plane. [Original, responding to @jobsworth.]

Wednesday 11:22 · Any web site which freezes loading "waiting for ad.yieldmanager.com" is Doing It Wrong. [Original.]

Wednesday 15:03 · Who cares how many apps? prng.blogspot.com/2010/01/100k-apps-so-what.html [Original.]

Wednesday 15:09 · Riding the no. 3 down Main St... pretty, uh, urban. Love the faces. #vancouver [Original.]

Wednesday 16:18 · Wondering what on earth I can do about the smart chain reactions to "Doing It Wrong" that are sprawling all over the Web. [Original.]

Thursday 00:45 · Li's neurosurgeon ... had extensive experience with ... chopsticks lodged in eyes, foreheads and necks. www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_14139848?nclick_check=1 [Original.]

Thursday 00:45 · @bramcohen Well, 56 of 'em are in the comments but yeah, I'm working on it. [Original, responding to @bramcohen.]

Thursday 09:24 · I understand that Flash player on Android is imminent. One hopes that FlashBlock will be available too. [Original.]

Thursday 10:36 · Took 5 minutes off to watch Amanda Palmer do "Hurt". Serious shivers up the spine. www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYmTbAj_NSo [Original.]

Thursday 11:18 · @kenhorn I agree actually. But still cool. [Original, responding to @kenhorn.]

Thursday 18:58 · @al3x <hangs head in shame> "foo", "bar", "baz", etc... [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Thursday 21:41 · Elephant lightning life lessons: www.crazylanka.com/elephant2.htm [Original.]

Thursday 22:38 · Time to toss the Tories: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/07/Mad-at-Harper #CanadianPoitics [Original.]

Thursday 22:40 · @airdrie Yeah, we got ours. [Original, responding to @airdrie.]

Thursday 22:48 · Facebook group of politically-irritated Canadians just hit 100k members: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=260348091419 [Original.]

Thursday 23:50 · @RussB So, don't stare so intently. It's a sign. [Original, responding to @RussB.]

Friday 00:03 · If it isn't obvious to you why this touched my heart, that's perfectly OK: xkcd.com/686/ [Original.]

Friday 11:03 · Another Cloud Standards Working Group: groups.google.com/group/A6WG That makes me feel better. [Original.]

Friday 11:32 · LOL Adobe Updater. [Original.]

Friday 12:04 · @davidascher Side-orders of heroin? [Original, responding to @davidascher.]

Friday 12:53 · It's a nice place to take little kids and it's going away... bmann.ca/bloedel-conservatory-is-slated-to-be-closed #vancouver [Original.]

Friday 13:42 · @dhh Similarly, smiling and shaking hands are over-rated. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Friday 16:26 · Eek, Android browser doesn't have View Source. I feel crippled. [Original.]

Saturday 00:57 · “All is quiet on New Year's Day” the song says. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/09/Waterproof-Camera [Original.]

Saturday 01:07 · @GreatDismal We're all looking forward to the rattan-bones-themed book. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Saturday 14:44 · Bengals pass defence is laughable so far. [Original.]

Saturday 15:07 · LazyWeb: How do I hash a (potentially-long) string in perl? Can't remember, all searches lead me to perl hash tutorials, sigh. [Original.]

Saturday 15:10 · I.e. what's the perl equiv of Ruby "foo".hash ? [Original.]

Saturday 15:57 · At the center of my blogging system is a 2589-line .pl file. Other than that, I'm reasonably sane and well-adjusted. [Original.]

Saturday 16:26 · To be fair: Perl is historically important and has served me very well. It's just that I'm not there any more. [Original.]

Saturday 16:56 · Make that a 2624-line .pl file. Don't hold with this newfangled "modularity" crap. [Original.]

Sunday 00:27 · The domain name "jerusalem.com" is somehow oddly resonant. Not just in theory: www.jerusalem.com/ [Original.]

Sunday 00:39 · @hananc I would so love to visit the the right end of the Mediterranean right about now. But it'd have to include Lebanon. [Original, responding to @hananc.]

Sunday 09:09 · Nice-looking smells-like-Ruby Android testing library, Calculon: brainflush.wordpress.com/2010/01/10/introducing-calculon-a-java-dsl-for-android-activity-testing/ [Original.]

Sunday 11:52 · So, could one of these football games be, you know, close or competitive or entertaining? [Original.]

Sunday 12:03 · Nobody should be surprised when, in the near future, major elections start being won on a "kill the bankers" platform. [Original.]

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