You can buy 1-Terabyte disks for $79, or 40-inch TVs for $500, or you can pretend the air isn’t a wet grey mass and head for a wintry beach.

This is color photography, it’s just that there weren’t many. I tried them in B&W, but preferred the ghostly tints to the hard monochrome.

Foggy December 26th Vancouver beach

There may not be colors, but there are birds. Every shot here has ’em, you just have to look a bit.

Foggy December 26th Vancouver beach

Such a cliché, but I love ’em.

Foggy December 26th Vancouver beach

On this day, the waterfowl were mostly these snappy 2-tone models; someone reading this will doubtless know what they are, but I am not gonna get on birding’s slippery slope, thank you; I have enough hobbies already that involve obsessive behavior. But they’re loveable.

Foggy December 26th Vancouver beach
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Foggy December 26th Vancouver beach

They were doing well, spending as much time underwater as on top, and munching visibly after they bobbed up. Boxing-Day sale for ducks?


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From: Justin Watt (Dec 28 2009, at 08:05)

Wait, which one is the cliche? These are great. I quite like the second photo. It's printworthy. How much for a genuine "Tim Bray"?


From: Penny Chase (Dec 28 2009, at 11:49)

They are a male and female Barrow's Goldeneye. Nice photo!


From: kjw (Dec 28 2009, at 12:10)

The ducks are Barrows goldeneyes (Bucephala islandica). The male is the one with the white crescent on his cheek. Great shot!


From: Roland Tanglao (Dec 28 2009, at 20:17)

we went Cross Country Skiing at Cypress and escaped into the glorious mountain sunshine. highly recommended (there's no snow shoeing and tobogganing if you for some strange reason :-) don't like cross country)


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