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Clojure N00b Tips · Clo­jure is the new hot­ness among peo­ple who think the JVM is an in­ter­est­ing plat­form for post-Java lan­guages, and for peo­ple who think there’s still life in that ol’ Lisp beast, and for peo­ple who wor­ry about con­cur­ren­cy and state in the con­text of the mul­ti­core fu­ture. Over the last few days I’ve been severe­ly bipo­lar about Clo­jure, swing­ing from “way cool!” to “am I re­al­ly that stupid?” Here­with some getting-started tips for new­bies like me ...
Upcoming Gig — Scottish Ruby · Next March, I’ll vis­it Ed­in­burgh (for the first time!) to keynote the Scot­tish Ru­by Con­fer­ence, along with the ex­cel­lent Jim Weirich. In­ter­est­ing­ly, this is the for­mer Scot­land On Rail­s; they’ve de­cid­ed to broad­en their spec­trum.
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