Sunlight, of course. I only took the little camera along for the most recent cottage weekend, but those woods sure are pretty.

Sunbeam in a forest

It’s not the flowers or landscapes or cities or people I’m actually trying to take pictures of, it’s the light.


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From: Nathan (Aug 25 2009, at 01:18)

*beautiful* I've discovered that most of my favourite photos are about light or angles; that's a great shot!


From: Dave Pawson (Aug 25 2009, at 03:37)

No Tim. It's the atmosphere you've captured there! Great picture. I'd love to have that on my front doorstep.


From: Eric Meyer (Aug 25 2009, at 07:04)

Yes. The light, always the light. My favorite moments, and the ones I always fail to properly capture with a camera, are those of secret light-- a glow from inside the body of a cloud, inside the curl of a wave, from the sunlit corner of a darkened room.


From: Piers Hollott (Aug 25 2009, at 11:48)! or perhaps I forget sometimes why it is that I live on the wet coast, but you've pretty much captured it right there. with all due respect to Robert Smith, the girl was never <i>there</i>...


From: Patrick Gibson (Aug 25 2009, at 12:39)

That's great! And it could only look better without the dated drop shadow. If you really must treat your photos somehow, could I suggest giving a 3-5 pixel solid border in a light grey a try?


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