Dear commenters and emailers and tweeters: All right already. I suppressed the weekly tweet-blobs from the Atom feed.

To be honest, I’d been dodging that issue because I try to avoid opening up the 2549-line Perlsplodge that mutters darkly in this publication’s engine room. But once I lashed my brain into actually thinking about the problem, the fix was a one-liner. I try not to see the publishing system as 2,549 one-liners.

I’ll think about John Cowan’s remarks urging me to tone down the typography. And also I should suppress from the tweets which are just me saying “New blog post.”

And I really shouldn’t diss that Perl code. It’s been in production for six years and runs fast and doesn’t crash; and when I really need to change something, it’s usually less work than I fear.


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From: Tkil (Aug 24 2009, at 22:12)

Huh. I didn't click through your announcement (or any of the fragment collections), so I didn't see the vigor of the opposition.

I rather liked the idea; my one complaint was that it was a bit long (reading it in my LJ feed, I had to scroll a fair bit.) Maybe reinstate it with a simple link (or compress each link to a single line / link to the actual content?

Anyway. Keep up the good work!

(Heh. And 3k lines of Perl is not all *that* bad...)


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