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Taking Care of Alison · The US is con­sumed with dis­cus­sion of health-care al­ter­na­tives, and in US pol­i­tics it seems to be OK to know­ing­ly tell bald-face lies, and in US me­dia it seems not OK to call a lie by its true name. Here’s a small bit of first-hand re­portage about the work­ing of an­oth­er ap­proach to health-care ...
A.D. XIV: Switching Droids · [This is part of the An­droid Diary.] A com­menter on that Tasty Words piece asked about the prac­ti­cal­i­ties of switch­ing one An­droid de­vice for an­oth­er. It’s a lit­tle more sub­tle than you’d think ...
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