We were walking along Jericho Beach around suppertime of a recent weekend when the clouds and light performed a summer-afternoon dance for us. I was shooting in every direction and present for your entertainment one marine vessel and two feathered scavengers; nothing you can’t see there every day.

This is the Hector; I’m sure you could look it up somewhere online and find out where it goes and what it carries.

Marine vessel Hector in Vancouver harbor

We have eagles around here, and cormorants and loons and great blue herons too, and every kind of duck you can imagine, and they all have their own beauty, and we ignore the gulls mostly, because they’re not big and not rare and not fierce and not colorful. But really, they don’t look bad when they get some help from the sun and clouds.

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Photo-weenie note: More samples of the mighty Pentax 50-135 at work. Someday the engineers will build this kind of flexibility and focus and clarity into something you can fit into your pocket; but for now, there are times when there’s no substitute for lugging a kilo of metal and glass around the beach.


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From: Dave Pawson (Aug 21 2009, at 01:14)

The gulls beauty comes into its own when flying.. skimming the waves in a force 9 wind. They seem able to fly within an inch or two of the sea and still remain largely dry! Their flying skills are unmatched then.


From: Mike (Aug 21 2009, at 06:56)

"Hector and the Gulls"? It's sad what's become of this blog ever since Sun got gobbled up. You've seemingly been completely neutered from writing about anything interesting.

Time to quit and find another job?


From: Brent Rockwood (Aug 21 2009, at 07:45)

A bit of trivia. The Hector is, apparently, a gearless bulk carrier - gearless meaning it is unable to load and unload its own cargo and requires shore facilities.



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