Boy, there’ve been a lot of releases go by, but officially, this is Web Stack 1.5. The Web Stack is a product I’ve been encouraging and cheerleading for quite a while. What’s interesting, of course, is the list of ingredients, especially including the Continuous-Integration Suite Formerly Known As Hudson.

Whenever I do Web development I seem to end up hand-assembling and building all the bits & pieces, and it takes a whole bunch of yak-shaving time that leaves me grumpy. I’d love to have a stack pre-built for me, and looking at the Web Stack bill-of-materials, my impression is that that would about do it.

This isn’t a new idea; there’ve been a few businesses founded around the notion of shipping and supporting an open-source Web stack, and none that I know of have really hit the big time. But it feels natural for a systems vendor like Sun, with a lot of experience in commercial tech-support relationships.

The thing that’s really new here is that the package includes something called “Sun Continuous Integration Server 1.312” but everybody knows as Hudson. Sigh, the perils of the corporate naming process.

Anyhow, I’m a big fan of Hudson and I’m really interested to see how support packages around continuous integration work out. Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart introduces the idea and links to a bunch of details.

This is one to watch.


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From: Matt Ingenthron (Aug 07 2009, at 16:24)

It's excellent to see this out. I take pride in whatever definition I lended to it during my time at Sun.

I personally think it's the most easy to use, developer friendly stack so far. I hope it gets traction... there are way too many cycles lost in tracking down integration bugs and building/running suboptimal software to spend the time rolling your own when there is such an open release.

In fact, in the project I just pushed out today, I used some small pieces of it:


From: Nick Kaltner (Aug 09 2009, at 22:09)

If only it included phusion passenger to ease ruby on rails installations! Otherwise it looks great. I've been pushing this at work for at least a year.


From: Robert Milkowski (Aug 10 2009, at 02:21)

Excellent! But what about providing 1.5 via Or even better - getting it integrated in the standard repo?


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