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You Have to Choose Who To Read · Is blog­ging over? Last year, Chris Wanstrath, one of the hottest de­vel­op­ers cur­rent­ly walk­ing, said to stop read­ing feeds and get back to work. A few weeks ago Twit­ter guy Alex Payne, in Fev­er and the Fu­ture of Feed Read­ers, con­sid­ered Chris’ ar­gu­ments; he isn’t sure that blogs are dead but says that feed-reading soft­ware is in ter­mi­nal de­cline. And then this week The New York Re­view of Books, which sits near the in­tel­lec­tu­al cen­ter of the English-speaking world, pub­lished The News About the In­ter­net by Michael Mass­ing; it more or less amounts to the main­stream of the writ­ing class rec­og­niz­ing that the bl­o­go­sphere, while im­per­fec­t, has im­por­tant things to of­fer ...
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