Week ending Sunday 2009/07/26

Monday 8:34 · (eek, pardon dupe tweet) [Original.]

Monday 10:25 · Wildfire in the Okanagan, aggregated pix: www.kelowna.com/2009/07/20/photo-gallery-your-pictures-of-the-west-kelowna-forest-fire/ [Original.]

Monday 11:33 · I read this (www.nytimes.com/2009/07/20/business/20fund.html?ref=global-home) and I'm starting to think it might be a moral obligation to pirate the Lennon-McCartney catalogue. [Original.]

Monday 15:48 · When you have to get a haircut to go to OSCON, you know you've been letting things slip. [Original.]

Monday 19:13 · OH: You can't kill a doohickey. [Original.]

Monday 19:14 · At the old Yaletown brewpub, 1st time in years. Beer's still good. [Original.]

Tuesday 8:21 · "TransactionAwarePersistenceManagerFactoryProxy" - you couldn't make it up: fiber-space.de/wordpress/?p=1016 [Original.]

Tuesday 9:56 · Wondering what the good OSCON socials are this evening. [Original.]

Tuesday 9:57 · Sexy UNIX commands: date, unzip, touch, strip, finger, mount, gasp, yes, top, man, uptime. (via @chrispirillo) (via @ernieattorney) [Original.]

Tuesday 11:00 · Introducing major-bit-barf bugs in the software I'm presenting tomorrow at OSCON. Open Source, gotta love it. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:53 · A good introductory NoSQL posting: www.eflorenzano.com/blog/post/my-thoughts-nosql/ [Original.]

Tuesday 17:53 · Hell, seem to have lost my macbook power supply along the way. Where in downtown San Jose can I buy one? #oscon [Original.]

Tuesday 18:16 · Thanks folks for the good advice. The Network Is The Shopping Advisor. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:04 · @kk I've had a beard since 1975. [Original, responding to @kk.]

Wednesday 9:10 · OSCON size down but, looking around, I think (unlike some other gatherings this year) not disastrously. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:06 · Just noticed that my preso this afternoon is competing with one about cloud APIs and another about (I'm doomed) sex: en.oreilly.com/oscon2009/public/schedule/detail/8028 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:07 · Michael Lopp AKA Rands in Repose: Good speaker! #oscon [Original.]

Wednesday 10:54 · Note to self for future use: Valerie Aurora (talking about btrfs) throws candy to the audience. Smiles all around. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:39 · #oscon WiFi is working fine with my Mac, but neither my Android nor my neighbor's Fedora can DHCP. Blecch. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:03 · Ted Ts'o: SSD's are a long way from $-parity. See Hetzler's "The Storage Chasm" www.caiss.org/docs/DinnerSeminar/TheStorageChasm20090205.pdf Still useful for specialized uses #oscon [Original.]

Thursday 0:12 · Hah! Dancing with the geeks to mouldy disco classics, can't beat it. [Original.]

Thursday 0:22 · I'm a friend of Erlang but this is obscenely funny: browsertoolkit.com/fault-tolerance.png [Original.]

Thursday 9:48 · Simon Wardley: "Don't worry about feeling lost. This is a cloud computing talk. Feeling lost is normal" [Original.]

Thursday 11:11 · Polemics are fun, but specific concrete proposals are better: html5.digitalbazaar.com/a-new-way-forward/ [Original.]

Thursday 12:00 · Usually agree with @SaraD but #oscon isn't a ghost town. Down some like the rest of the biz, but not bad. Hangovers all round this morning. [Original.]

Thursday 13:50 · Pushback on my link to html5.digitalbazaar.com/a-new-way-forward/ from @diveintomark - e.g. "zombie lies". I guess he disagrees. [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Thursday 18:02 · Oscon is really very good indeed. Good people, good talk. Now let's go back to Portland. [Original.]

Thursday 18:04 · Caught half the Cassandra talk. It's totally a contender. [Original.]

Friday 11:00 · Bruce Lawson declaiming the unimpaired wonderfulness of HTML5. Gotta wear shades. #oscon [Original.]

Friday 11:10 · Apple is dueling w/Palm about music and with Google about Latitude (blogs.zdnet.com//blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=21695). How many fronts can they fight on? [Original.]

Friday 11:30 · </oscon> :( [Original.]

Friday 12:28 · Light traffic on 101, blasting along to the big backbeats on Little Steven's Underground Garage, XM59. Aaaaaaaah. [Original.]

Friday 13:45 · Jeepers, SFO is packed end-to-end, just crawling. Allow a little extra time. [Original.]

Friday 20:43 · I'm performing tomorrow at Illuminares: www.flickr.com/photos/publicdreams/3739480021/sizes/l/ C'mon out, it's a blast. [Original.]

Saturday 14:35 · Hey Vancouver, skip the firework mobs tonight for music/lantern magic: www.publicdreams.org/section_details.html?trunk_id=1&branch_id=10 & www.flickr.com/photos/publicdreams/3739480021/sizes/l/ (Disclosure: I'm performing) [Original.]

Saturday 22:55 · Vancouver weather isn't like this. Warm rain, steady thunder, weirdly intense orange sky. Kids wouldn't go to sleep, couldn't blame 'em. [Original.]

Sunday 9:36 · The best radicals are old radicals; Tom DeMarco on the end of software engineering: www2.computer.org/cms/Computer.org/ComputingNow/homepage/2009/0709/rW_SO_Viewpoints.pdf via @unclebobmartin [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Sunday 9:39 · Waffles with maple syrup over fresh-cut mango. Hard to beat. [Original.]

Sunday 9:55 · There's no evolutionary pressure to increase male attractiveness, sigh: www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/science/article6727710.ece [Original.]

Sunday 11:54 · Wonder if there's a good meteorology blogger out there who can explain WTF happened to our weather in the last 24 hours. Insanity. [Original.]

Sunday 12:55 · That meteorological blogger: cliffmass.blogspot.com/2009/07/thunderstorms-and-upcoming-major-heat.html - via friendfeed.com/gburd Scary stuff, read it if you're in the Pacific Northwest. [Original.]

Sunday 17:20 · Having stuck to the score for 90 minutes in the rain yesterday, it's the Spanish Banks drum circle tonight for hot free-form sunjamming. [Original.]

Sunday 22:32 · I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS [Original.]


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From: John Cowan (Aug 18 2009, at 06:51)

Well, I've read three of these so far, and I'll read no more. It's like listening in to one side of phone conversations between a bond trader, circa 1980, and his customers. (Been there, done that.) Frenetic, barely intelligible, grating to the spirit. I'll stick to your essays from now on.

Mini-rant: Yes, I've got a Twitter account. It used to say "Working." (I'm always working at something, unless I'm asleep.) Now it says more explicitly: "Working. (This never changes, so don't bother following it.)" And still people follow me! Some that I don't know, even. What are they *thinking*?


From: Matthias (Aug 18 2009, at 10:19)



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