Tolkien’s mountains were mis-named: not misty at all, but craggy and storm-struck and often bathed in fierce sunlight. Here’s a picture of the real things.

Gambier Island in the rain

This is Gambier Island, and in the Pacific Northwest you see this repertoire of curves and colours all the time along the coast when the weather is wet, which it often is.

To the extent that if you go to any tourist-oriented gallery in Vancouver, there’ll be a selection of prints you can buy which show, more or less, this. People buy tons of ’em, so no respectable artist or photographer could possibly publish a cliché like this. Fortunately I’m just a Web geek with a camera.


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From: Brian (Jul 08 2009, at 19:17)

Amazing. Surreal even.

Is there a larger version available? =)


From: knowtheory (Jul 09 2009, at 03:44)

Regardless of how clichéd it may be publish picts of the island, it's still an amazing sight to see. I just like the fact that it looks so different depending on the lighting conditions:


From: Claire (Jul 20 2009, at 09:31)

The thing about these images is that they capture an essential B.C.ness. I lived in Burnaby for four years, and every time I see a picture of the mountains, islands, water, and clouds, I get misty-eyed myself.


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