The title about says it; both kinds of purple are flowers.

Medium purple blossoms against small purple blossoms

The little ones are a ground-cover recommended by a professional gardener for our front yard; since the kids play out back, we don’t want to be defending a grass lawn from moss and creeping buttercup and dandelions and all the other enemies. This stuff just spreads out and covers up and you can walk on it a bit while you’re gardening. Don’t know what it’s called.

Don’t know what the larger purple flowers are either.


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From: Chris (Jul 03 2009, at 01:49)

Aha! I've just had the same problem with the little blue flowers, as we have a patch of it in our garden, and liked it so much that we wanted to get more. I think it is a trailing bellflower, Campanula poscharskyana

As for the larger one, I'm stumped!


From: Dave (Jul 06 2009, at 11:11)

The larger ones are Canterbury Bells


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