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Test-Driven Heresy · I’ve been think­ing about test-driven de­vel­op­ment a lot late­ly, ob­serv­ing my­self veer­ing be­tween TDD virtue and oc­ca­sion­al laps­es in­to sin. Here’s my the­sis: As a pro­fes­sion, we do a lot more soft­ware main­te­nance than we do green­field de­vel­op­men­t. And it’s at the main­te­nance end where TDD re­al­ly pays of­f. I’m start­ing to see laps­es from the TDD cre­do as more and more for­giv­able the clos­er you are to the be­gin­ning of a pro­jec­t. And con­verse­ly, en­tire­ly ab­hor­rent while in main­te­nance mod­e ...
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