Here are two images with nothing in common except being kinda grainy but pretty anyhow.

Royal sunset rose blossom with ant

The rose is a Royal Sunset, I don’t know the breed of the ant, and it’s grainy because I stupidly left the camera at ISO1600 after the night before.

Lunch at Zocalo restaurant in Vancouver

That’s lunch at Zocalo (warning: Flash hell), a “contemporary Mexican” restaurant on Main near Broadway here in Vancouver. The lunch was good and the restaurant is exceptionally pretty inside. That intersection, “Main & Broadway”, sounds way more important than it really is. The picture’s grainy due to being shot in natural interior light with a pocket camera.


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From: Steven Forth (Jun 06 2009, at 07:14)

Main and Broadway can be pretty grainy too, especially on a bike.


From: Janne (Jun 06 2009, at 08:26)

Don't disregard noise (or grain; it's not really the same thing, though). A bit of noise improves the perceived level of detail and makes the image look sharper and more real. Nothing can ruin a shot in subtle ways more than running noise removal on it until it looks nice and noise-free at 100% magnification.


From: Pano (Jul 02 2009, at 13:09)

I love the picture of the rose. It`s a great result for an ISO 1600 pic ;o)


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