Since I’m working on this stuff these days, a lot of cloud-flavored news drifts across my radar. Here’s some of it.

All Those APIs · Fortunately, there’s a spreadsheet, Cloud API Comparison.

McKinsey Reax · McKinsey wrote Clearing the Air on Cloud Computing, basically saying the whole thing was no improvement on what those excellent people in your IT group now offer. I reacted in Cloudy IT, and then so did Appirio’s Balakrishna Narasimhan in Cloud Computing Savings - Real or Imaginary?. The big G weighed in too; let’s give ’em their own section.

Google Sez · Rajen Sheth’s What we talk about when we talk about cloud computing (great title, that) is another direction to McKinsey.

Cloud Computing and the Internet, by Vint Cerf (yes, that Vint Cerf) isn’t, and contains a nod towards TimBL’s re-branding of the Semantic Web as Linked Data.


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From: Andy Edmonds (May 05 2009, at 14:03)

Don't forget Cloud APIs reviews here:

and related model reviews here:



From: Masood Mortazavi (May 12 2009, at 18:47)

Hi Tim - This is a great post with lots of great links to amazing content. Thank you. The problem of cloud computing needs better definition and questions. It feels to me that some of these sources are now cracking the tough, thick shell...


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