Check out the DMTF Open Cloud Standards Incubator (“DMTF” is the Distributed Management Task Force); William Vambenepe provides useful background in DMTF calls the ball on Cloud standards. But wait, there’s more! OGF officially launches working group to create an API for cloud infrastructure services (“OGF” is the Open Grid Forum). The right number of competing cloud-standardization efforts can’t possibly be two. Are you a leader in an existing standards organization? Or would you like to start a new one? Now is the time to get in the game.

[Update:] I knew there had to be more: the SNIA Cloud Storage Technical Work Group (“SNIA” is the Storage Networking Industry Association); this effort even has a nifty logo.


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From: Damian Cugley (Apr 29 2009, at 00:24)

In related news, a new cloud-based standards-organization hosting service drives the cost of running your own international standards body down from squillions of dollars to mere pennies, so that every cloud service can claim to conform to several million international standards, making it logically impossible to accuse any system of vendor lock-in.


From: William Vambenepe (Apr 29 2009, at 02:20)

Thanks Tim. The second part of the series is now also available, with plenty more context:


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