At dinner after my son’s first game of the year, I proposed a toast, but I couldn’t help watering it down with a word of caution.

Here’s to you! You went two-for-three (and it would have been better if the grounder you hit at the terrified first baseman hadn’t been too fast to dodge), got an RBI, and scored from third on a passed ball with a good hard slide. You were the winning pitcher, with one strike-out and a nice cool fielding assist.

You know, there’s no way it’s always going to be this good, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Plus, in my role as Team Parent, I got to scorekeep and cheerlead.


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From: len (Apr 14 2009, at 07:10)

So you're enjoying this "Dad" role?

"It's the best art you'll ever do, Len." C.F.Goldfarb

And now you know why I stayed away from the Big Game for so long. It isn't chickenhawk to pay attention to things more important than the web.


From: Terri Molini (Apr 15 2009, at 12:22)


I raised three boys and whether it was soccer, baseball or basketball season, I always made time to attend each of their games and to be involved. I must say, those were some of the best days of my life.

Congrats to the pitcher!


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