Opening Day, I mean. Around here that means Little Mountain Baseball, for boys and girls aged 4 to 12. That first number’s not a misprint; they have this thing called “Blast Ball” for the near-toddlers. The sun was up and the colours were bright.

We had a parade, there were speeches and the National Anthem, ceremonial first pitches, hot dogs at the concession stands; everything you need to make the day complete.

On the third-base side of the diamond, the younger kids, with their handlers:

Little Mountain baseball Opening Day, 2009

A few of them gathered at home plate, I can’t remember whether this was singing the national anthem or reciting the Little League Pledge.

Little Mountain baseball Opening Day, 2009

This is during “O Canada”. The kids have no idea what the old folks standing proud in their uniforms are standing for, but they’ll get it some day.

Little Mountain baseball Opening Day, 2009

Here’s a somewhat-older division, taking the pledge. Where we play, it’s pretty scenic.

Little Mountain baseball Opening Day, 2009

The catchers in full regalia are running out to take the ceremonial opening pitches; one from Don Davies, our local Member of Parliament, and the other from the local minor-league ball team’s mascot. Don gave an admirably-brief speech focused squarely on the matter at hand, baseball; then both he and the oversized stuffed animal got something near enough to home plate for the little catchers to handle.

Little Mountain baseball Opening Day, 2009

And then, as they all marched out, someone put the chorus of U2’s Beautiful Day on the PA, and my heart lifted, because it was.

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April 06, 2009
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