I’ve whined recently about Vancouver’s untypical and long-lasting fog problem and, as I write, it’s back, accompanied by freezing temperatures. But we had some bright relief.

To recap: It snowed, then snowed some more, then really snowed a lot, with insufficient intervening meltage. Rain arrived, several centimeters of it on top of all that snow. Finally that fog arrived to replace the rain.


Then one morning the sun broke through. It revealed that everything was amazingly, unsurpassably wet. Whatever the sun fell on started steaming, for example this cusihuiriachi (you really want to follow that link and read the comments, trust me).

Steam rising off a cusihuiriachi

Maddened by the sun, I prowled the front garden looking for camera fodder, and found it as usual in our overphotographed magnolia. If you enlarge that photo and peer at the raindrop, it’s blue.

Drop of condensation on a magnolia bough

Noticing this, I looked up.

Blue winter sky with bare branches

I’m not expecting to see that sky again any time soon.


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From: Carolyn A. Colborn (Jan 22 2009, at 04:04)

Hi, Tim. Funny you should point to “cusihuiriachi” today, as I was just talking to my Aunt last night about this. She turned 89 last week and lives in a nursing home on the other side of town from me, no more than five miles from my local Sun Microsystems. She doesn’t have a computer, and she doesn’t have access to one. I printed and sent to her a few of my favorite stories you wrote last year about roses. She received them yesterday and was delightfully entertained.

I was re-reading Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and noted with interest the reference to the Rosa Rugosa’s symbolism of * five petals * (really? five? I can’t imagine that!) that symbolize the path that Venus makes in its eight year cycle.

Lovely blue drop.


From: Derek K. Miller (Jan 22 2009, at 09:45)

I almost think all the unpleasantness of this fog has become worth it for this single photo, circulating around the Vancouver blogosphere, by someone named Blair:



From: Christian (Jan 23 2009, at 12:50)

Great pics! However they still don't show up in the feed. Had to open the actual page.


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