Walking down to the shops at the corner in the damp Pacific Northwest dimness, a hold-out rose caught my eye. It’s beat up and soaking wet, but this time of year you take the flowers you can get.

Wet tattered December flower
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Wet tattered December flower

It’s some sort of rose.

In case it’s not obvious, I don’t feel like writing about what I’m working on. Thus, this space gets pictures and geometrical speculation.


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From: Janie (Dec 14 2008, at 11:29)

Pretty flowers the pinks are very colorful. Your right though this time if year your lucky to see any at all!


From: alex waterhouse-hayward (Dec 15 2008, at 17:09)

One of the easiest roses to grow in Vancouver is Rosa 'Pink Meidiland' which was hybridized by the French firm Meiland that invented the concept of freeway or pavement roses. These are roses (usually not fragrant) that don't need any care or spraying. In late autumn and early winter the usually pink blooks of Pink Meidiland emerge white as in your photograph. One of the lovely features of this rose is the the underside of the petals are "painted" or blotched with colour. Another similar rose is Carefree Delight. They are almost identical. Both are no bigger than 2 inches in diameter. Another way of identifying Pink Meidiland is if it has many nice red hips.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward


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