In two separate finance-biz meetings last week: “You date your hardware vendor, but you marry Larry Ellison.”


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From: Nicola Larosa (Dec 08 2008, at 11:22)

Those days are over. Today, you marry The Elephant.

He's polyamorous though, so you remain free to keep marrying whomever else.

However, avoid marrying The Dolphin. He doesn't really respect you.

Yes, I know the Sun shines bright on Dolphins. It doesn't matter.


From: Jeremy Dunck (Dec 08 2008, at 13:37)

Does anyone know what the penetration of Oracle-based app platforms is? I recall they promoted a bunch of tools that essentially locked you in to Oracle far beyond simple SQL-and-stored-procs + hired skillsets.

Surely it's not as infectious as Outlook+Exchange and IE5..8+ASP.Net?


From: Tony Fisk (Dec 08 2008, at 14:56)

Exchange + Outlook + IE5..8 + ASP + .Net is about as infectious as religion... you either get it bad, or not at all.

Interestingly, while trysts between the Fox and the Asp are frowned on, they can get along with a plugin chaperone.

However, the Explorer continues to wilfully ignore the SaVaGe in preference to the silvery light of moonshine.


From: whump (Dec 09 2008, at 12:29)

Philip Greenspun's ( comment on the subject was "Oracle pricing is simple. They turn you upside down, shake you until your wallet falls out, count the money, and add 10% for support."


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