I actually don’t like hardly anything made with eggplant, but I’m glad other people do so that there are baskets of them at the market to take pictures of.


This is at the Granville Island Market a month or two back.

And now the United States checks out for the rest of the week to give thanks. Generally I’m in favor, but it means Canadian employees of US companies are pretty paralyzed. So we’re heading off for a couple of days to close down the cottage for winter, sans Internet. See you on the other side.


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From: hawkse (Nov 26 2008, at 03:27)

Not even Baba Ganoush? One of the most delicious dips known to man (imho).

Try it!


From: Bob Aman (Nov 26 2008, at 05:45)

Growing up in Zambia for a year and change, we had more eggplant than we knew what to do with. I hated it so much that I developed an uncontrollable gag reflex if I even tasted eggplant. Still can't eat the stuff 20 years later.


From: walter (Nov 26 2008, at 10:42)

... have you tried grilled eggplant? http://latavola.blogspot.com/2007/09/melanzane-alla-griglia-for-barbara.html


From: Eletheris (Nov 26 2008, at 16:42)

Seriously ? Go to a greek restaurant and ask for melitzanosalata. Its a dip but served as an appetizer in greek cooking. While you're there also gets some plates of Skodalia (sp?) and Tzaziki and eat with fresh pita.


From: alex waterhouse-hayward (Nov 27 2008, at 18:38)

Perhaps the problem with egplant is the name. In Spanish the word for it is berenjena. According to my online Spanish dictionary (Real Academia Española) the word of is Arabic/Persian origin:


(Del ár. hisp. baḏinǧána, este del ár. clás. bāḏinǧānah, y este del persa bātingān).

In Mexico I used to slice it very thinly and I would then bread it as if it were a veal cutlet and serve it with a brown "fake" meat gravy. Few of my guests would notice that what they were eating was not meat.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward


From: Adam Sloan (Dec 03 2008, at 11:16)

The vegetarian Indian dish Baingan Bharta made me a convert to eggplant. Turns out it is native to India. Now I think it is highly underrated.


From: Claire Giordano (Dec 08 2008, at 20:55)

If you decide to try the wonderfully Greek melitzanosalata dish, I'd be happy to send you my recipe, Tim. It's delicious. I'm half-Greek, so yes I'm biased, but it really is.


From: Jerry (Dec 20 2008, at 14:39)

I've only tried eggplant a few times; never cared for it. But you certainly got a great photo!


From: Paul (Dec 24 2008, at 12:54)

Lots of good currys in our fair city have eggplant (or 'aubergine' to much of the world). Try a Thai (or Malaysian?) place on Cambie (west side) somewhere between 8th and 6th - order the green curry and enjoy.


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