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Web Geeks on the Bayou · Some words and pictures about ApacheCon 2008 in New Orleans ...
Short-form Fragments · Week ending Sunday 2008/11/09 ...
Storage 7000 · This is certainly our biggest announcement of the year so far; just possibly the biggest since I showed up here in 2004. The official name is the “Sun Storage 7000” and there are three systems in the line-up. As usual, the real actual technology news is in the blogs; the hub is at the Storage News blog, but I’d start with the co-conspirators: Bryan Cantrill’s Fishworks: Now it can be told and Mike Shapiro’s Introducing the Sun Storage 7000 Series. I have some opinions too ...
Time Machine Blues · We have a terabyte Time Capsule which backs up Lauren’s MacBook and mine, and basically, it works; I’ve already recovered from one nasty disk blow-up and a couple of “error between keyboard and chair” data loss events. But the cost is becoming very high; it seems like whenever I’m on the home network, it’s endlessly either “Preparing Backup” or “Finishing Backup”, to the accompaniment of pumping fans. And it makes suspend/resume problematic, too; there seem several points in the Time Machine work cycle where, if you suspend, and if you have password-to-wakeup on (as everyone should), you’re looking at the endless beachball. I think I’m not the only one, based on the online rumbles.
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