Week ending Sunday 2008/10/05

Monday 7:13 · @gnat The community anger over the OSCON move from Portland to San Jose shouldn't be underestimated [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Monday 8:11 · Hm, Black(er white)Box being pitched as carbon-emissions helper: blogs.sun.com/marchamilton/entry/most_blackboxes_are_white [Original.]

Monday 10:38 · Really, really trying to avoid gibbering in panic over the world's banking system: www.rgemonitor.com/roubini-monitor/253801/the_us_and_global_financial_crisis_is_becoming_much_more_severe_in_spite_of_the_treasury_rescue_plan_the_risk_of_a_total_systemic_meltdown_is_now_as_high_as_ever [Original.]

Monday 10:57 · @robilad @twleung & I covered it, haven't seen much else yet [Original, responding to @robilad.]

Monday 11:00 · GMail spam processor breakage starting to become a serious issue. I'm seeing same probs as Lauren www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2008/09/29/more-non-spam/ [Original.]

Monday 11:07 · c-span apparently down [Original.]

Monday 11:10 · If fox/cspan feed at www.foxnews.com/video2/live.html?chanId=1 is right, looks like it's passing [Original.]

Monday 11:37 · Live Repub press conference scrambling frantically for cover, trying to blame it all on a Pelosi speech. [Original.]

Monday 12:03 · On the downside, Americans may be living on petfood. On the upside, the Republican party may have committed seppuku. [Original.]

Monday 13:32 · @gnat Well, now we get to find out if it was bullshit or not. [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Monday 14:53 · @imurdock Well, not *equally*. Opposition had 3 distinct flavors: 1) up-for-re-election 2) back-bencher 3) Republican. [Original, responding to @imurdock.]

Monday 16:40 · @TheProkrammer Now that is truly innovative arithmetic. [Original, responding to @mletterle.]

Monday 21:12 · @stevej Thank you kind sir. It is deeply startling when one does that by accident. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Monday 21:38 · Wrote a blog piece that would cause too much breakage. Sigh. Will post a pretty flower pic instead. [Original.]

Monday 21:39 · Prediction: some pretty severe breakage in the technology industry. [Original.]

Monday 21:48 · So, suppose nobody wants to do capital investment but you still gotta get work done. I'm thinking cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud. [Original.]

Monday 23:42 · @kk no point referencing MG's twitterstream, it's just blogpuff. I was hoping to find a person there. [Original, responding to @kk.]

Tuesday 9:39 · @hildjj XML 2.0 WTF?!? [Original, responding to @hildjj.]

Tuesday 10:22 · @avibryant awk ' { print $7 }' < access_log | sh mumble mumble mumble [Original, responding to @avibryant.]

Tuesday 10:38 · Decent Reg writeup on JVM summit. I said collegial not collegiate, but whatever: www.theregister.co.uk/2008/09/30/sun_languages_summit/ [Original.]

Tuesday 10:58 · I wonder if there's any non-mathie who can reliably use the word "corollary" without a spell-checker? [Original.]

Tuesday 11:04 · Gosh, Web 2.0 Summit features... Al Gore and Lance Armstrong. Well, OK. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:05 · This is when we find out whether modern businesses can run at all, absent rolling lines of credit. The answer, of course, is "some can". [Original.]

Tuesday 13:06 · @iTod Hey, I've got a fluidized GMail I've been running for months. Should I, you know, update sometime? [Original, responding to @iTod.]

Wednesday 0:35 · October 1 now, and the first splats of rain on the roof of the sleeping house. [Original.]

Wednesday 0:35 · Was in a startup pitch today and said "Of course, we're all gonna be living on nuts and berries this time next year." Everyone laughed. [Original.]

Wednesday 0:41 · Iggy and Ziggy on the Dinah Shore TV show: patricklogan.blogspot.com/2008/09/iggy-and-ziggy-on-dinah-shore-tv-show.html [Original.]

Wednesday 1:01 · OK, serious coolness: www.thesixtyone.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 9:52 · @timoreilly One issue: it's slightly pyramidish. I'm getting email congratulating me on the points I get every time a referral progresses. [Original, responding to @timoreilly.]

Wednesday 10:01 · RT @therealadam "I'd thought of going as collateralized debt obligations for halloween - scary stuff" [Original.]

Wednesday 10:12 · What's a good tutorial REST intro? [Original.]

Wednesday 11:53 · This kind of story describes the real crisis, which has nothing to do with share prices: www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=aZN.Xwp_dFzk&refer=home [Original.]

Wednesday 11:58 · REAL pain among i-bankers: www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aKRzVuocVhW8&refer=home [Original.]

Wednesday 14:35 · @timoreilly If Flex is hot, why don't I see any of the resulting apps? Maybe wrong demographic? [Original, responding to @timoreilly.]

Wednesday 14:35 · Is it ever weird when the OS X Dock process locks up. Find it with "ps" & kill it & you're fine, though. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:53 · Learning REST: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/01/Learning-REST [Original.]

Wednesday 14:56 · Mongolian Real Estate! mongolianrealestate.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 15:20 · @Padmasree I kinda like those 1.0 metrics. [Original, responding to @Padmasree.]

Wednesday 15:44 · @allankh Please stop doing that. Without accompanying context, please-watch invitations are just line noise. [Original, responding to @allankh.]

Wednesday 16:00 · Next POTUS: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/01/Obama [Original.]

Wednesday 16:05 · Life is way, way, *way* stranger than fiction: www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/oct/01/advertising.television [Original.]

Wednesday 17:18 · @cammerman Oh, I'm not objective in the slightest. [Original, responding to @cammerman.]

Wednesday 17:27 · @jimParkinson Plenty of blame to go around on the economic melt-down. Not too many clean hands. And it all seemed to be working... [Original, responding to @jimParkinson.]

Wednesday 17:40 · @imurdock Free markets are essential but you gotta assume people will try to game the system. Regulation is necessary & very difficult. [Original, responding to @imurdock.]

Wednesday 17:58 · @imurdock That analogy had never occurred to me. Hmm. Historical evidence of need for regulatory framework is pretty strong. [Original, responding to @imurdock.]

Wednesday 17:58 · @imurdock Anyhow I'm an open-source guy not a Stallmanite. Efficiency not ideology :) [Original, responding to @imurdock.]

Wednesday 18:47 · @SaraD Also in a 10-year-old second-time-around marraige. I recommend 'em. [Original, responding to @SaraD.]

Wednesday 18:54 · @TheProkrammer Who's a real conservative currently on the US scene? Not a rhetorical question, seriously interested. [Original, responding to @mletterle.]

Wednesday 19:46 · Vermin! takingalongview.blogspot.com/2008/10/vermin.html [Original.]

Thursday 0:11 · There is at least one key difference between casino gambling and CDS trading: Gambling has strict government regulation: cnnmoney.printthis.clickability.com/pt/cpt?action=cpt&title=Derivatives%2C+pg.+2+-+Sep.+30%2C+2008&expire=-1&urlID=31359579&fb=Y&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmoney.cnn.com%2F2008%2F09%2F30%2Fmagazines%2Ffortune%2Fvarchaver_derivatives_short.fortune%2Findex2.htm&partnerID=2200 [Original.]

Thursday 0:17 · Awwww.... Mr. Clean died: www.macleans.ca/article.jsp?content=e100202A [Original.]

Thursday 8:26 · Capitol One is still spamming me furiously with guaranteed-approval credit card pitches. I smell another bubble. [Original.]

Thursday 8:58 · @brianaker (1) most disks are full of pix/music/video, text is in the rounding error (2) local encodings work if you never have to mix langs [Original, responding to @brianaker.]

Thursday 9:08 · FB Election game at zembly.com/mypicksus/ built with coolio "zembly" social-app-builder thingie. [Original.]

Thursday 9:31 · Called bank to setup new card. Then "Sir, you're pre-approved for a $BIG-NUM line of credit with no credit check. Interested?" No, scared. [Original.]

Thursday 10:14 · In Vancouver, the autumn rains are starting, right now. [Original.]

Thursday 10:23 · mm beautiful: www.pogirl.net/ [Original.]

Thursday 10:52 · @obie Hey, I can't even vote, so I probably can't endorse as such. Think of me as a color commentator. [Original, responding to @obie.]

Thursday 10:56 · I just spent 36 hours tracking a horrid low-level C memory corruption bug. The bug guts are now dripping slowly to the floor. [Original.]

Thursday 12:47 · At what point does Parrot become interesting? 0.7.1 ships, use.perl.org/~pmichaud/journal/37468 [Original.]

Thursday 14:11 · The yak fur is up to my knees. [Original.]

Thursday 14:56 · @eliast Beware... the jythonistas are lurking in the weeds and pounce like lightning upon the unwary. [Original, responding to @eliast.]

Thursday 16:19 · @pragdave is being polite, but he's mad at ruby-core. [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Thursday 16:49 · @pkedrosky Who are you again? [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Thursday 19:46 · @brentsimmons @gruber's latest has horrible typography in NNW. That your fault or his? <snicker> [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Thursday 20:43 · Good gosh CBC post-(Canadian)debate coverage is all about Twitter [Original.]

Thursday 23:53 · Press the OS X filesystem hard with low level concurrent write/rename calls from C code and sometimes files transiently aren't there. Urgh. [Original.]

Friday 8:07 · Wow... The Guardian quotes my Twitter stream: www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/oct/02/twitter.microsoft [Original.]

Friday 11:03 · Getting kinda weird in Israel: www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1026228.html [Original.]

Friday 13:43 · FIrst support of OOXML in practical desktop software: xmlguru.cz/2008/05/first-application-supporting-is-29500 [Original.]

Friday 14:07 · "It turns out the moose that died Thursday was dropped from a helicopter." www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2008/10/03/moose-pictou-chopper.html?ref=rss [Original.]

Friday 14:44 · On Regulation: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/03/On-Regulation [Original.]

Friday 20:30 · Want to do Rails & JQuery & so on at kenai.com? www.sun.com/corp_emp/search.cgi?loc=&req=560985 & www.sun.com/corp_emp/search.cgi?loc=&req=560988 [Original.]

Friday 20:31 · Plus, coolio intern jobs: www.sun.com/corp_emp/search.cgi?loc=&req=560989 & 560990 [Original.]

Friday 20:33 · @brianaker That's too many, n'est-ce pas? [Original, responding to @brianaker.]

Friday 20:44 · @brentsimmons Good drugs, I gather? [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Saturday 0:55 · Blues pix: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/04/Pix [Original.]

Saturday 13:21 · Exporting *all* the pix of my kids that I have online, 1601 in total, from LR. Ain't fast even on a PowerMac. [Original.]

Saturday 15:24 · @olabini No way. Current state of languages is more interesting than any time in last 30 years. [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Saturday 15:49 · @blaine You posting Belfast pix anywhere? [Original, responding to @blaine.]

Saturday 16:31 · @headius Big perf variation VM to VM? [Original, responding to @headius.]

Saturday 21:07 · Chris Woods' sax breaks on "Low Spark": Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [Original.]

Saturday 23:33 · I'm thinking some beers and maybe the Lahore Kebab house in London on Tuesday evening. DM or email or whatever if that sounds good. [Original.]

Sunday 20:20 · What are good Canadian election blogs? [Original.]

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