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On Regulation · Speaking from middle of the financial storm, voices are raised blaming the tumult on the speculators, on the banks, on the hedgies, on the shorts, on the Republicans, on the ratings agencies, on the Democrats’ Community Reinvestment Act, on CDO’s and CDS’s, on people buying houses above their station, you name it. This is all at one level right, but that level doesn’t matter. The system, by definition, will always contain a measure of knaves and fools, because it’s populated by instances of homo sapiens. Thus, it has to be regulated to keep it running. Thus, the current meltdown is a failure of regulation and nothing else. The long term solution has to be about regulation too ...
Twittery · Last night, after the Canadian election party leaders’ debate, the analysis had a section where they graphed Twitter responses to various verbal sallies and bons mots. Innovative and useful I thought; admittedly a bit left-leaning, if only because smart well-connected young people tend to lean left. Then when I got to work this morning, someone sent me a pointer to Charles Arthur’s What effect will the financial crisis have on the tech sector? in The Guardian; it quotes my Twitter stream, twice. Once again, the spectrum of human communication shifts perceptibly.
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