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The Summit · I at­tend­ed about half of the the JVM Lan­guage Sum­mit, from Wed­nes­day through Fri­day at Sun’s San­ta Clara cam­pus. I’m not re­al­ly an ex­pert on the deep nu­ances of JVM con­structs like call sites and per­mgen and class­load­ers and so on, but stil­l, I’m sor­ry I missed some. There were 70 or so peo­ple there, most­ly way smarter than me. Here­with im­pres­sions and pic­tures.
[Up­date: See al­so write-ups from Ted Le­ung, Cliff Click, and John Rose.]
Rules · Busi­ness fail­ure is much in the news. I have per­son­al ex­pe­ri­ence, hav­ing on a few oc­ca­sions been in the man­age­ment of a hard-pressed com­pa­ny that need­ed mon­ey to stay afloat. I learned the Gold­en Rule: He Who Has The Gold Makes the Rules. I’ve al­so been there ad­vis­ing peo­ple try­ing to de­ploy mon­ey to save a trou­bled busi­ness. I learned some­thing else: mak­ing good rules is hard.
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