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Five Living Skies · That’s what it says on the Saskatchewan license plates: Land of Living Skies. We spent a few days out there earlier this month and the plates pretty well have it. if you’re a photographer, you’ll find yourself pointing the camera up ...
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Tab Sweep — Technology · I’d kind of gotten out of the habit of doing tab sweeps, largely because my Twitter feed is such a seductive place to drop interesting links. But as of now there are around 30 tabs open on my browser, each representing something I thought was important enough to think about and maybe write about. Some are over a month old. Some of them have been well-covered elsewhere. All I assert is that after I read each one of these, I didn’t want to hit command-W to make that window go away. Unifying theme? Surely you jest ...
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Tab Sweep — The World · I was writing that Tech Tab Sweep and regretting the absence here of all the nifty non-tech links I’ve been twittering. I think it’s lame to gateway your Twitter feed into your blog, but I decided it’d be worthwhile to go back and pull a few out for those who might be entertained but don’t read Twitter. Some of these are superultrajuicy ...
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