If there’s anyone reading this who’s felt some empathy with the recent flurry of Cottage Life posts, and who’s from around here: there’s another waterfront property just around the corner from ours for sale; near the north point of Keats Island (Wikipedia, map, keatsisland.net). Serviced, a couple of hours from downtown Vancouver (boat only). Not perfect, has issues, needs work. But pretty unique, I think. The reason I’m plugging this is I’m hoping someone with kids gets the place; ours could use some playmates. If you might be interested, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the vendor.
Update: It’s been listed.


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From: len (Aug 18 2008, at 07:42)

You really are on the classic path. Next it will be carpooling and visiting the teacher trying to explain where the boy learned those words.


BTW: if he gets expelled for punching the kid who's been bullying him, tell the teacher you will handle him severely, then take him to lunch to celebrate. It's a guy thing.


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