Most of these Cottage Life posts are going to be on the cynical side; with luck, good for a laugh or two. But there is a reason we do this, and here it is. With a furniture recommendation.

They say “peace and quiet” but you can have a whole lot of peace even with background noise. What with the waves, and the big trees speaking the wind, no oceanfront is never really silent. And we are after all less than an hour from Vancouver; the body of water we face on is best seen in the map at the bottom of the water taxi schedule; there is never a daytime moment when the view is boat-free; and on a busy holiday weekend, it can be noisier than our central-Vancouver neighborhood.

But still, the noise is mostly natural and mostly pleasant to the ear, and does not have the urban background-rumble.

At the end of the day, or in the middle of the day, or even sometimes before breakfast, you sit in this:

Muskoka chair on a deck, with vegetation

And you look at this:

View of Howe Sound from Keats Island

By the way, that chair was built (by me and my son) from a kit supplied by The Bear Chair Company; I recommend them highly. You’ll need a cordless drill to assemble it, and a cushion behind your head to use it most effectively.

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August 10, 2008
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