July was an excellent month, almost all sunshine. My flower-photo mojo had pretty well run dry, but then out walking after a shower, there were all these droplet-laden blossoms and there I was shooting away.

First, wilting roses, hydrangeas behind.

Wet wilting roses in front of hydrangeas

Now the hydrangeas take the stage. They come mostly in pink and blue; the colour used to depend, on hears, on soil chemistry, but now the breeders have done their work and you can get a bush of whatever colour.

Wet violet hydrangea blossoms.

The red blurs in the background are crocosmia blossoms; in the wet foreground are its leaves.

Wet crocosmia foliage.

Finally, a pale rose blossom.

Wet rose blossom.

I enjoyed the rain; but the weekend will be dry, they say. Glad of that too.


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From: Britt Blaser (Aug 02 2008, at 16:29)

But I loved the old meme that nails in the soil of hydrangeas promoted deeper blues.


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