[This is one of four pieces of Sun news from last week; I actually got to make the announcements at OSCON but was too busy to blog]. We’re open-sourcing Sun’s own Web server (formally the “Sun Java System Web Server”), using (and here’s a surprise) the BSD license; I don’t know if we’ve gone BSD before.

I haven’t been near this software, but our product people claim that it’s the “Leading Web server in the Fortune 100 and Global 250”, and I know for a fact that it’s the one that the benchmark hot-rodders use when they’re trying to set records on SPEC benchmarks (and they do set quite a few).

Jim Jagielski gave us a nice friendly quote for the announcement. Mind you, we can’t compete with Microsoft laying a cool $100K sponsorship on the ASF.


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From: Rainer (Jul 29 2008, at 05:29)

It's a big surprise not to read about the apache project in this context!

And unfortunately if have to admit, that I've never ever heard about a SUN http server (actually I've used some reference impl apps while playing jsp... :-)).


From: Jason Riedy (Jul 29 2008, at 05:46)

Under BSD (or equivalent) from Sun: RPC, XDR, fdlibm, a bunch of XML-related gizmos, and likely many others.

Sun's record may be spotty, but that's partially because people still were exploring (and still are) how to make free software work as a large-scale business. But Sun certainly has released code under the BSD license prior to this release. It's founders were quite familiar with that license, having worked in the BSD.


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