It started innocently enough; someone mailed the internal bloggers’ list saying “We’ve got this Beyond LAMP article on SDN, might be good blog fodder.” Which constituted an opportunity for geeks to have fun with acronyms.

That was yesterday, and they’re still coming. Let’s assume that “L” always stands for Linux, “A” for Apache, “M” for MySQL, and “P” for PHP (or Perl or Python).

MARSRails, Solaris
WIMPWindows, IIS
DAMNDirectX, ActiveX, .NET
WIMNWindows, IIS, .NET (pronounced “women”)

I bet you can think of some more.


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From: Ben Hutchings (Jul 10 2008, at 11:10)

LAMP = Linux, Apache, Many-scripting-languages and PostgreSQL has also been suggested


From: John Cowan (Jul 10 2008, at 11:51)

HAXE (the name's overloaded, so sue me) = HTML + Apache + "ex", my CMS.


From: Adrian Holovaty (Jul 10 2008, at 12:01)

We threw around some fun acronyms in the Django community a couple of years ago --

PAID. PostgreSQL, Apache, Internet, Django.


From: Dan (Jul 10 2008, at 12:18)

DAMP: Debian

RAMP: RedHat

LESS: EC2, S3, SimpleDB


From: Kevin Marks (Jul 10 2008, at 12:34)

BAP - BigTable, AppEngine, Python ?


From: Bob Haugen (Jul 10 2008, at 13:01)

LAPD - Linux, Apache Postgres, Django


From: Marcus Ramberg (Jul 10 2008, at 13:05)

CLAMP - Catalyst Linux Apache MySQL Perl


From: Rob Menke (Jul 10 2008, at 13:29)

I've been trying to get people to say CASH — CSS, AJAX, SVG, HTML — as a viable Flash competitor, but no luck so far. You just can't force acronyms.


From: Geoff Arnold (Jul 10 2008, at 15:19)

GLAM - Groovy, Linux, Apache, MySQL


SLAG - S3, Linux, Apache, Groovy


From: Kirk Brown (Jul 10 2008, at 15:41)

My current environment led me to discover VAMP: Vista, Apache, MySQL, PHP.


From: g. (Jul 10 2008, at 16:04)

I think WiMP is already reserved for Windows Media Player ;)

How about slightly ironic LiMP (Lighttpd, Mysql, PHP)?


From: Giovanni (Jul 11 2008, at 02:00)

DUMP: Debian or Ubuntu, MySQL, Perl. No Apache, though.


From: bjoern (Jul 11 2008, at 02:19)

don't you forget about

MAMP - Mac Apache MySQL PHP


From: Pichi (Jul 11 2008, at 05:01)

LYME - Linux Yaws Mnesia Erlang

LEME - Linux Erlyweb Mnesia/MySQL Erlang


From: Jim Robinson (Jul 12 2008, at 08:29)

Too bad we've got Apache in the mix, otherwise we could use

XSLT - XSLT, Solaris, Linux, Tomcat

but I guess we have to stick with SALTX or something.


From: Tim (but not THE Tim) (Jul 12 2008, at 19:06)

ZAP - (z/OS, z/VM, or z/Linux) Apache and (Perl, Python, PHP)


From: Michael Davies (Jul 13 2008, at 12:42)

GLASS - GemStone, Linux, Apache, Seaside, and Smalltalk -- a continuation-based web framework with massively-scalable persistence from the guys behind MagLev -- see


From: Tim H (Jul 15 2008, at 02:18)

ALRM (alarm) - Apache Linux Rails MySQL


From: JP Antunes (Jul 19 2008, at 01:42)

FARM - FreeBSD, Apache, Rails and MySQL


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