I think today’s roses are Wild, but it turns out that label can apply to a bunch of different things, including the official flower of the next province over, where I sometimes think I’m from.

Wild rose blossoms
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Wild rose blossoms

Wikipedia thinks Alberta’s official flower is Rosa acicularis, and I suspect these are Rosa arkansana.

Sometimes I’m asked “Where are you from, actually?” and the answer isn’t simple. I was born in Alberta and have lived there briefly once or twice. My youth was spent in Oregon and Lebanon.

You could ask the same question about these pretty pink citizens. The name “arkansana” suggests something Americanly twangy, but the only evidence I really have is the picture: these blossoms, like me, come from Vancouver.


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From: Nathan (Jun 30 2008, at 04:10)

It's always intrigued me how important it is to Americans where one is from (birthplace-wise). In Australia, when you ask where someone is from, it's generally where they live, rather where they were born...


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