I’m not sure whether this free-TLD idea is a good or bad thing in the big picture, but you can have some idle fun thinking ’em up; it’s almost poetic:
.geek, .nerd, .aspergers
.vancouver, .condo, .rain
.dot, .sun, .web
.pr, .fanboy, .whore
.plane, .train, .auto
.good, .bad, .fail
.pwns, .sucks., .rocks
.rock, .jazz, .blues
.mojo, .mofo, .homo
.school, .college, .job
.nba, .epl, .afl
.bondage, .discipline, .spanking
.fast, .slow, .stop
.beginning, .middle, .end


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From: John Cowan (Jun 26 2008, at 14:58)

Don't forget about the several million U.S. dollars you will need to buy one of these. It's just another excuse to gouge the public by changing a free and open resource into a scarce one.


From: daniel (Jun 26 2008, at 14:58)

Too Funny!



From: Xris (Jun 26 2008, at 15:33)

Does this mean I can finally get verb.verb and achieve my life-long dream of owning alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb? (and alternatively alt.sweedish.chef.bork.bork.bork?)



From: Jason Kemp (Jun 26 2008, at 17:12)

Now clownpenis.fart can be a reality!



From: Paul (Jun 26 2008, at 17:52)

The post-application fee is expected to be US$500,000 to US$1M. Note that is if your application is accepted: it could easily cost US$100,000 just to apply. Those amounts can buy a lot of "free".


From: Pierre Phaneuf (Jun 26 2008, at 19:18)

When I heard on BBC World News that Paris would be one of the first to get a top-level domain name, I almost spewed my drink. In the end, Paris getting its domain on an equal level as the rest of France is just acknowledging what they've been doing all along!


From: Seth Gordon (Jun 27 2008, at 07:00)

The gTLD system has turned into a shakedown system for the domain registrars: if you start the Frobozz Corporation and go to register frobozz.com, you will be encouraged to register frobozz.org, frobozz.net, frobozz.us, frobozz.ca, frobozz.info, etc., etc.

The logical way to handle the explosion of domains would have been to phase out TLDs entirely, so that Frobozz's domain name would simply be "frobozz", but I guess it's too late for that now. I will grudgingly admit that creating a free market in TLDs is probably the next best thing.


From: David Smith (Jun 27 2008, at 10:03)

"...changing a free and open resource into a scarce one."

Seems to me that the Internet was only "free and open" a long time ago, when it was paid for (i.e., thus not free) entirely by the U.S. taxpayer in one way or another.



From: John Cowan (Jun 28 2008, at 10:02)

David, how would you feel if your parents had to pay a huge sum to someone for the privilege of naming you, and then pay rent for it every year; and now that you are come to man's estate, you had to keep up paying the rent every year, or have your legal right to use "David Smith" taken away from you, and be known to everyone henceforth as ""?

You'd be pretty outraged, I bet. Who is this person, or persons, who claim to own all the names in the world, and to charge rent for the use of them? By what right did they seize that alleged object of ownership from the public and transform it into a monopoly?

Yet that's exactly what happened: pleading the lie of the "tragedy of the commons", as is always done, the commons was handed over to particular persons by a corrupt bargain.


From: stuartm (Jul 01 2008, at 04:04)

We already have 'geek' in NZ! :)



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