I see that NetBeans 6.1 is out. It’s a nice enough release (MySQL improvements, surprise surprise), but here’s what touched me. I don’t know how many other OSS projects do this, but I got an email this morning from qa@netbeans.org: “We'd like to inform you that the following issues you reported have been addressed in the new version” and listing four bugs I’d filed. What a nice touch.


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From: Luis (Apr 30 2008, at 14:51)

That's pretty cool. On the other hand, didn't they already notify you when the bugs were fixed that the fixes would be in the next version? Was this just a follow up to that, or was this the first you'd heard of it?


From: Ben Hutchings (Apr 30 2008, at 16:04)

Debian does this for bug fixes - you get a mail when your bug is closed, and uploading a package with the appropriate bug reference in its changelog automatically closes the bug. This sort of capability ought to be a standard feature in bug tracking systems.


From: Tim O'Brien (May 02 2008, at 13:23)

Just downloaded the thing, this is a dramatic improvement over the NetBeans I downloaded 12 months ago. Looks like the whole "ecumenical" approach is coming to fruition.


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