I finally got around to unloading the memory card from the pocket cam and gosh, were there ever a lot of garden shots on it. Hey, Spring is happening, which means these pages will be flower-infested for some weeks now. If you like flowers at all, you’ll probably agree that the little Ricoh has a gift for ’em.

To start with, a few Grape Hyacinths.

Grape hyacinths

Attached to the north side of our house, where the sun never comes, is a little extra room with a nice porch on top. We refer to it as the mud-room or the wine-cellar, depending. It’s built out of cinder-blocks and ain’t very pretty. So we painted it green and then went looking for a vigorous climber that doesn’t need much light. This is what we found: a Climbing Hydrangea; vigorous and much more attractive than cinder-blocks.

Climbing hydrangea on green-painted cinder-blocks

Don’t know what this was, but I snuck up on it when the sun was on the other side.

Young shoot illuminated by the sun

Now a couple of shots of the magnolia, which appears regularly in this space.

Magnolia buds ready to open
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Magnolia buds ready to open

It has been suggested to me that the buds of magnolia blossoms are somehow sexually suggestive.


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From: Tony Fisk (Apr 15 2008, at 16:30)

Tsk! That's all some people think about: flowers!

(er... what are flowers, anyway?)


From: Kraig (Apr 17 2008, at 02:25)

Nice flowers, Tim! Early spring... Our siberian climate varies dramatically. Yesterday the temperature was +21C, but it is -10C now. Hopefully I'll see blooming plants on the street in 3-4 weeks...


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