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Memories · I’ve got this new Mac Pro, and the 2G it came with just isn’t going to do the trick. Last week, both Lauren and I were in the Valley, at different Sun meetings. So one lunchtime, we snuck away to geek-shop. I picked up 4G of high-performance RAM at S.A. Technologies, a little memory specialist that I totally recommend, their prices are pretty hard to beat. It cost about $360 including tax. On the way back, we stopped at a big tech emporium for some other odds and ends, and at the checkout they were advertising high-capacity USB disks for not much; Lauren picked up 8G for $29.99. That’s quite a pricing spread.
Tibet and Twitter · On the plane home from San Francisco, I was sitting among a bunch of Tibetans who’d been down from Vancouver for the big protests around the Olympic Torch relay. I was honoured to be with them. The day before, I’d been following the action mostly on Twitter: check out @teamtibet, where they were helping organize the protests. Twitter, it’s an activist’s dream. But I couldn’t find online video or photos of Majora Carter carrying the torch and the Tibetan flag. Oh, and China, here’s a reality we honkies internalized way back when: Imperialism, it can do wonders for your commercial position and in distracting the citizens from the regime’s domestic failings. But on the other hand, the bad PR is just never gonna go away. So, you want the upside, you just gotta suck it up and deal with the image damage. Public whining ill-suits a wannabe imperial power.
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