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Silent Blogger FTP Failure? · Dear LazyWe­b: I tried to help my friend Alex Waterhouse-Hayward with some prob­lems he’s hav­ing on his blog, and man­aged to com­plete­ly screw things up. I would sure ap­pre­ci­ate a word or two of wis­dom from some­one who un­der­stands Blog­ger.
[Up­date: Prob­lem solved. I cre­at­ed an­oth­er FTP-only ac­count on Alex’s host­ing ser­vice and told Blog­ger to use that and it seems OK. I got­ta say, my first se­ri­ous ex­pe­ri­ence with Blog­ger has been kin­da pukey.]
[And hey, Alex wrote about it, el­e­gant­ly.]
Hack My Mac? · I’m se­ri­ous­ly con­sid­er­ing hack­ing a Mac, and I’d like your opin­ion. No, I’m not talk­ing about soft­ware, I mean with a hack­saw.
[Up­date: Prob­lem solved. Mac not hacked.]
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