I mean Earth Hour. Lauren lit a bunch of candles and we just sat there enjoying the silence. Well, until I got out the camera.

Candles on the mantle, light for Earth Hour 2008

The environmental benefits aside, there’s something to be said for just turning the damn lights off from time to time.

For photogeeks, this is the Sigma 30mm f1.4 prime at ISO 1600, first time I’ve used it with the new Pentax. What a great lens.


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From: Mark (Mar 30 2008, at 00:56)

So have we gotten to the point that we need to postfix the word "prime" on a lens name if it's not a zoom? Are they that exotic now?


From: d.w. (Mar 30 2008, at 05:29)

Let me be trite and say, "wow, nice pic" :)


From: Marcus Ramberg (Mar 30 2008, at 06:03)

That's funny, I just bought that lens as well, in Akihabara :) It's great for indoor use, when there's not too much light. I also picked up a 10-20mm fisheye. Have had a lot of fun with that one as well.


From: dmatr (Mar 30 2008, at 10:03)

Show your support for cutting carbon emissions by lighting candles; you know, those pointy things that release co2 when burning, usually made from complex hydrocarbons (paraffin)...


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