Here are three photos of two ladies taken on Maui, one of whom is addressed with a capital L.

The first is in the Portuguese area of Kepaniwai Park.

In the Portuguese area at Kepaniwai Park, Maui

The next at the beach at the Pāʻia Youth and Cultural Center. It’s just north of the town, and a good place to stretch out and relax. In fact, Pāʻia is a little short on parks. This one is also a haven for free enterprise. On the other side of our cluster of palm trees lounged three enterprising stoners (judging by the herbal smells) who enjoyed the view and took calls on their cellphones, which usually led to quick bike-trips into town.

I’m not suggesting that the lady in the picture is using drugs.

Lady airing herself out at a beach just north of Pāʻia

The final shot is taken in the Aloha Bead shop, also in Pāʻia, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same Lady as in the first shot.

At the Aloha Bead shop, Pāʻia

Can’t have too many ladies.

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