This is the westernmost part of the island of Maui. It turns out the resort has exorbitantly-priced Internet which doesn’t allow anything but proxied Web access, which would mean that, among other things, I can’t post to this space. So I’m only gonna poke my head in at a café every few days.

Beach at Kā’anapali

It’s going to be quiet around here. Also, comments will go mostly unmoderated—sorry.


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From: Jeff (Mar 15 2008, at 19:49)

Ka'anapali Beach Resort? Yeah, the internet is expensive... but hey, did you really expect to surf the WEB while you were in Hawai'i?

Oh, and don't forget your kokui nut necklace when you leave!



From: mahlen (Mar 15 2008, at 21:27)

I never liked Kaanapali as a beach; at least, when I saw it, it was rough surf you wouldn't dare go into.

Napili Bay, about 5 miles north, is really different, and worth seeing, if you're in the mood. Calm enough to swim in.


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